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How to Tell Artificial Toning on Coins

Format: Paperback

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Long time coin expert, collector and past president of the American Numismatic Association, Bob Campbell, tells all about toned coinage. There is much to know about this colorful area of numismatics including:
  • why coins may have been intentionally toned
  • what first and second generation toning are
  • what is air transfer toning and why it happens
  • why rainbow toning is so desirable and rare
  • the progression of coloration
  • why the bags of Morgan dollars produced toned coins
  • using logic to determine whether toning is authentic
  • the toning sequence
  • pricing of toned dollars
  • examples of genuine toning
  • other coin series that are likely to be found toned
  • examples of artificial toning and frosting
  • take a test to see if you can spot artificial toning
  • Lecture with slides.
SKU W7607
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Format Paperback

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