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Metal Clay in a Day eBook

By Tammy Garner

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Metal Clay Book If:

  • You love to make jewelry & want to add metal clay pieces to your collection
  • You love discovering new jewelry making projects
  • You want a jewelry making resource full of tips & techniques from Tammy Garner

This comprehensive guide to working with metal clay from Tammy Garner includes great tips and techniques for how to make jewelry pieces using this exciting medium. Learn how to make earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and more step by step with the beautiful and unique demonstrations.

Move at your own pace and learn everything you need to know in order to work effectively and safely with metal clay. 25 start to finish metal clay jewelry making projects provide you with the opportunity to explore your own creativity while master basic techniques. Using a standard butane torch, soon you'll have completed jewelry pieces that match your own personal style or make great gifts. This eBook format allows you to instantly access the entire book instantly on your laptop or desktop. Print out your favorite pages or keep it on your computer for easy reference.

In Metal Clay in a Day You’ll Learn:

  • How to make beautiful & interesting earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants & more
  • Tips & techniques for cutting, texturizing & sculpting metal clay
  • How to safely work with, dry & fire (with a butane torch) metal clay

Check Out This Excerpt from Metal Clay in a Day:

Setting Up A Work Space
So, you are eager to get started—but where should you work? You can actually set up a nice little work space right at your kitchen table without forcing your family to eat on the porch. You may find you already have some of the following items on hand. If not, don’t worry; they’re easy to find.

A hard surface is preferred for rolling out level sheets of clay. Any flat, smooth tabletop or countertop will do. A sheet of glass or Plexiglas also works wonderfully. If you find yourself in a pinch, you can use the bottom of a glass baking dish, a flat ceramic platter or a piece of glass out of a picture frame. When working with metal clay, avoid aluminum pans and foil, as aluminum can have a negative reaction and cause the metal in the clay to discolor. If you aren’t working directly on a tabletop or countertop, I recommend a few pieces of tape to keep your work surface from slipping while you work.

A flexible surface placed on top of the hard surface is necessary when working with wet clay. By sliding the flexible surface to the edge of your hard surface and bending it, you can lift your wet clay piece off the flexible surface without distorting its form. I suggest using a plastic sheet protector on top of the hard surface in your work space. You can find them at any store that carries school or office supplies. I also like to insert graph paper marked with 8 × 8 squares per inch (3 × 3 squares per centimeter) into the sheet protector to help with measuring.

A plastic cup is very useful to serve as a humidifier cup for your stored clay scraps. Metal clay contains water, and in order to handle the clay easily, you must keep it moist at all times. When you are working on a project you will accumulate scrap pieces of clay along the way. You can put those pieces back into the original clay package or use a small plastic condiment cup, spritzed with water, as a humidifier to place over the scraps until you are through with your project. (You can find plastic condiment cups at most any restaurant, usually with salad dressing or other sauces in them.) A single serving apple sauce cup works nicely as well. This is a great way to recycle!

Plastic wrap is an item I cannot do without. I keep a 6" × 6" (15cm × 15cm) piece of plastic wrap (any brand will do) on top of my flexible surface for covering my clay while working. Covering the clay while you are not working on it will help keep it moist, especially if you roll a sheet but have to stop for a moment to find a tool. Always remember to keep the clay covered.

About the Author: Tammy Garner

Tammy Garner is a certified Precious Metal Clay artist and a member of the National Polymer Clay Guild and the PMC Guild. She is the president of the Kanawha Valley Polymer Clay Guild. She teaches popular metal clay working classes and workshops and she has more than 15 years of experience as an artist.

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