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Military Trader One Year Subscription - Digital Subscription

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Discover Military Trader, the only magazine in the United States dedicated to the collecting, study, preservation, and display of historic military relics. Published monthly, each issue is filled with detailed articles on military artifact and the soldiers who used them. Top collectors and dealers in the military relic field contribute features on preservation, restoration, research, pricing tips, and collecting hints. Covering topics from Civil War uniforms, insignia, and weapons to helmets, gasmasks, and grenades, you are bound to find each issue insightful and informative. Best of all, there is a complete show listing in every issue informing you where the best place is in your area to buy historic military artifacts! Get a digital subscription to Military Trader, and you'll receive 13 issues, delivered straight to your inbox in an easy-to-search PDF file. These files work on almost all computers and devices equipped with Acrobat Reader. Our Pledge to You: 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! You can cancel anytime, for any reason, no questions asked, and receive a prompt refund for any unserved issues.
SKU U7759

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