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Political Collections Value Pack

Format: Hardcover

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Celebrate the 2012 Presidential election with this exclusive Political Collections Value Pack. You'll find a variety of resources for price and value guides in digital and book format. If you enjoy Americana or political items and collections, you will find this value pack extremely intriguing.

You'll Love This If:

  • You love political ads and campaign posters
  • You want collector pricing and information
  • You have a political or Americana collection

The Political Collectibles Value Pack includes:

Presidential Campaign Posters

Presidential Campaign Posters
Paperback Book

Flip through 200 years of campaign history with this collection of Presidential campaign posters. Read up on the history behind each poster and the best part is they’re bound with clean micro-perforated edges so they can be removed, framed, and displayed. Presidential Campaign Posters is the perfect gift for political junkies of all ages!

  • 100 ready to frame posters
  • Historical backgrounds and additional artwork
  • Andrew Jackson (“Defender of Beauty and Booty”) and William Henry Harrison (“Have Some Hard Cider!”) to Richard Nixon (“He’s the One!”), Barack Obama (“Hope”)
Retail: $40.00

100 American Flags

100 American Flags: A Unique Collection of Old Glory Memorabilia
Hardcover Book

Written by one of the world's most eminent collectors, designer Kit Hinrichs, 100 American Flagsprovides a stunning visual history of America's most treasured symbol. This collection is destined to captivate folk-art aficionados, history buffs, and collectors with patriotic full-color American flag artifacts including:

  • Civil War-era banners and Native American braided moccasins
  • Early 20th-century "friendship" kimono and original flag art by several of the world's leading designers
  • Quilts, caps, pillows, and bags

RETAIL: $19.95

Warman's Political Collectibles: Vintage Medals, Coins, Badges and Plaques

Warman's Political Collectibles: Vintage Medals, Coins, Badges and Plaques
PDF Download

In the beginning, pride in a political party was often demonstrated in simple small ways. Among the first mass-produced campaign materials were tokens, coins and badges. Sometimes used to buy and sell, worn as an accessory, carried in a pocket, or displayed on the family hearth.
  • A spectacular collection of vintage coins, tokens, badges and plaques
  • Historical details of each item, or group of items
  • Size, design, and value details
RETAIL: $3.99

Warman's Political Collectibles: Vintage and Modern Campaign Buttons Digital Download

Warman's Political Collectibles: Vintage and Modern Campaign Buttons
PDF Download

Although it has been over 100 years since the first political campaign buttons were created, the popularity and recognition of buttons as a key campaign collectible remains undaunted. Discover the value and history behind each button from Teddy Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan and John Kerry.

  • Details and photos of vintage buttons, flashers and tabs
  • Vintage (1896-1964) and modern (1968-2004) political buttons
  • Identification and valuation of buttons
RETAIL: $3.99

SKU U5014
Format Hardcover

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